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  1. Igloo is building and launching a smart contract system (Platform) to provide the ability for tenants and property managers (or the landlord directly) to engage in peer-to-peer leasing (where counterparties will engage in peer-to-peer contractual relationships) to perform the majority of lease management (transactional) functions. Many of these functions (processes) will be encoded in an autonomously executing smart contract forming an Autonomous Lease Contract (ALC).
  2. Igloo warrants that the platform will be fit for purpose and will provide a seamless user experience which removes the pain points for all parties (Warranty);
  3. The Landlord agrees that, if Igloo can demonstrate that it has delivered on the above Platform and Warranty to their personal satisfaction, they will on-board their rent roll exclusively to the Platform.
  4. The Landlord currently has _________ properties available to be transferred exclusively on to the Platform.

Process and Offer

  1. Landlord signs this agreement;
  2. Igloo completes testing and launches the Platform;
  3. Igloo Customer Success Team contacts the Landlord and demonstrates the platform capability;
    1. If the Landlord is not satisfied, this agreement terminates; or
    2. If the Landlord is satisfied, commits to on-board their rent roll within 3 months;
  4. Properties are onboarded as per the terms and conditions of the platform at that point in time;
    1. Igloo will provide a Customer Success Team member to help the Landlord on-board the properties;

Other terms

  1. Pricing, terms, features and support are subject to change by Igloo at any time.
  2. The attached terms of use contain additional terms which apply to the Platform and this Agreement.

Landlord declaration

  1. I declare that this Agreement has been endorsed by the Landlord’s Board or person with authority to commit the Landlord to this Agreement.
  2. I agree that, subject to the terms above, to onboard the rent roll. I declare that I am authorised to complete this form and to sign and submit this declaration on behalf of the Landlord.