About Us

Our mission is to listen and act on the voice of our customer.

This approach has served us well to date. After countless hours working with everyone involved in the tenancy ecosystem we are now in development.

Listening and acting on feedback doesn’t stop there, our platform is being built in partnership with owners, property managers, tenants, tradies and tribunals. Every feature is continuously tweaked to perfection, long before Igloo launches in September.

Our story

Growing up, Founder and CEO Jeremy Hastings, moved on average every two years between rentals. Not because his mum, two brothers and sister weren’t great tenants, in-fact they never missed a payment, and always had great inspections, but finances were always tight. So, whenever the market shifted and rent was increased, a better deal would need to be found.

A few decades Jeremy and his wife owned an investment property interstate and opted for it to be managed through a real estate agent. The first agent struggled to maintain an accurate rent ledger and undertake inspections, so they found a new property manager.

Six months later the new agent was caught with his hand in the trust jar and was charged. After reaching out to the tenant to let them know what was happening, they found out the property had a hole in the roof from a leak and the stove hadn’t worked in 2 months.

The property manager had told the tenant the landlord was refusing to pay for maintenance.

Shocked and deeply concerned, Jeremy immediately fixed the issues but it was too late, the tenant never renewed. A few months later, Jeremy sold the property as his faith in local property managers was lost and being interstate, managing it himself was too higher a risk.

Since those years Jeremy has listened to hundreds of tenants, property managers, owners, tradies, magistrates and anyone else that had a good yarn to share, everyone had a war story like his, a very small minority had a positive experience.

One day, Jeremy decided that surely this was a problem that could be solved.

After a highly successful seed round in 2018, Igloo was born and a few weeks later a partnership with the leading smart contract and blockchain company in Australia, Block8, was created.